Winter Olympics Teaching Tips – Winter Olympics Teaching Tips | Can you recognize the names Giant Slalom, Luge, and Curling? Yes? You then has to be ready to the Winter Olympics! Here are just a few suggestions to cause them to become more meaningful within your children :

Winter Olympics Teaching Tips
Winter Olympics Teaching Tips

1. Let each child or small gang of children choose a conference to research. The events can be their favorites or ones they wish to know more. (NOTE : An index of Winter Olympic events is at the conclusion want to know.)

2. Tell the infants what you need them to see… the history from the sport, the rules of them available, the apparatus needed, people that have performed that event in past Winter Olympics… whatever you choose. This’ll keep them away focused and assist them to write their reports using main ideas.

3. Classify the Olympic events into categories. Which take place upon the snow? Upon the track? Upon the rink?

4. Have a video collage with snippets of each one event.

5. Hold your own personal Winter Olympics! In case you live where it doesn’t snow, use props that may substitute for skis (shoeboxes, foil), ski poles (broomsticks), and whatever else you will find. Amend the rules on your grow older. To the Medal Ceremony, use gold, silver, and copper pens in order to make the ribbons. Have your infants sequence the activities during which they participated.

6. Alphabetize the names from the Olympic events.

7. Make use of a TV Guide to practice reading schedules and discover the days, times, and channels for specific sports.

Here’s a group of Winter Olympic events :

Giant Slalom, Luge, Curling, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Freestyle Aerials, Biathlon, Super-G, Ice Dancing, Cross Country, Combined Downhill, Slalom, Short Track, Bobsleigh, Nordic Combined,
Figure Skating, Freestyle Moguls, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey, Downhill, Skeleton

Benefit from the Winter Olympics!

I hope these ideas are useful and inspire your own personal creative thinking.

And remember… Reading is FUNdamental!